Mr. Steve, Ms. Dawn, Teachers & Staff,

“A terrific place for children to grow and play” is an understatement for this school. Leaving this school is on of the hardest things I’ve had to do in Creighton’s short life. I was crying when I found this school and I’ll be crying when we leave the school. I’m at a loss to truly describe how I feel. This school, the administration, teachers and staff all made us feel at home. you’ve been so warm, welcoming and understanding. You make me feel like no child is a challenge just an opportunity to show off the skills that -all- have. I feel so amazingly blessed to be a part of the Building Rainbows family. Ms. Wild & Ms. Galeucia have taught him so much. They encouraged him and they loved and he knows it. I will always recommend our home to other looking for a home for their child. We will keep in touch to let you know how he is doing.
Raeshonda I.


Thank you so much for nurturing and loving Abby for the last 8 years – from the moment I walked in the door I knew she was at the right place.

So many wonderful memories, but especially:

Dawn Haban, you truly planted the seed for her love of learning.

Jacob Tamez, thanks for teaching her to tie her shoes ….. and encouraging her love of art … and for coming back for visits.

Donna Frederick, thanks for allowing her (and all of the kids) to find her “sea legs” in the beginning and recognizing that all children are different and special.

Angela Tamez, thanks for adding Hamilton to the van route and always finding unique ways to get her to school in those early days (I think she was the only kindergartner with a personal chauffer who stopped for donuts).

Steve Sandweiss, words could never express our appreciation for all that you did for the Foreman family – the ultimate pay it forward. Donna would be so proud of you for continuing and growing her legacy.

To all of the staff at Building Rainbows, thanks for the fun, field trips, snacks and everything that makes you unique and unlike any other “daycare” out there.

We are proud of the young lady Abby has become and you all are a huge part of who she is. Take care.
Melissa K.


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