Infant-PageOur Tomball location accepts infants starting at 6 weeks of age. 

Our Cypress location accepts infants starting at 14 months of age.

Each classroom is equipped with developmentally appropriate furniture, toys, and climbing structures.

Our teachers spend time each day with the children on various play “experiences” that are based on the children’s current level of development. Play Experiences include art, outside time, tummy time (for our non-crawling infants), sensory and discovery time, and gross motor play and more. Teachers post a daily note by the classroom door letting parents know the things their child did at school for the day. Parents also receive a personalized note letting them know about their child’s daily eating and sleeping routines.

We try to plan our classrooms so that children are playing and growing with others in their age range. Our teachers work with the families to help provide a secure, stable foundation upon which milestones such as sitting up, crawling, self-feeding, standing, and eventually walking are all achieved according to the child’s own rate of development. When the time comes to graduate into the next classroom, our teachers maintain open communication with the families to make sure the transition is a positive one for parent and child.