Our Philosophy

OurPhilosophyBuilding Rainbows provides an excellent environment for nurturing children’s growth and development. Our atmosphere is positive, joyful, safe and filled with fun. Our interactions with the children, and one another, are positive and respectful – we place emphasis on assisting in the development of healthy communication skills.

We challenge our children to be “problem solvers”; to ask questions and look for more than one solution. We lovingly guide children as they seek solutions to the “struggles” they encounter in the process of learning, playing, and growing.

We remember always that they are children – at the very beginning of a great adventure. As leaders of the children, we are here to show, teach, explain, guide, give them a hand to hold, be patient – for as long as it takes for them to grow strong.

Since 1982, our Cypress location has provided a high quality learning environment. Our definition of high quality includes:

  • Maintaining staff-to-child ratios that are below state licensing mandates.
  • Safe and clean environments.
  • Well-trained, caring teachers and staff.
  • A pre-school curriculum that lays the foundation for future educational success.
  • An abundance of classroom supplies, materials and resources.
  • An environment that encourages children to enjoy learning, questioning, and exploring.
  • Well-equipped playground areas with plenty of spaces to play and run.