Our History


Our beginnings go back to more than three decades ago when a small church provided child care for young children in the neighborhood. When the church lost its funding and the school was going to close, Donna Frederick bought the two small buildings right around the time she was in the process of looking for child care for her own son. She called up several friends and contacts with young children that had previously been teachers in area school districts and began plans for a preschool where children could come to play and learn through truly hands-on activities. Building Rainbows officially opened in November of 1982 with 14 children.

Over the next 24 years, more and more families brought their children to Building Rainbows. Our ties within the community strengthened as our reputation for providing excellent early childhood care grew. A new era began when parents who had once been preschoolers here brought their little ones to play and learn at Building Rainbows.

In January of 2007, Donna sold the school to Steve Sandweiss and he has continued to uphold the positive traditions of Building Rainbows as a quality preschool for young children. It is still our belief that learning should be fun and that children learn best when provided with hands-on learning experiences.
In January of 2012, our second location in Tomball opened. Our new location shares the same goals and ideals for young children – “A Terrific Place to Grow and Play!”